X5 Brake Bleeding

I bought a brake bleeder from harbor freight which you may not have access to in your country but its automatic so its worth finding one thru some store chain.

Here is one on amazon so you know what it looks like :


Here is how to use it.

You fill the narrow bottle with brake fluid. Take the brake reservoir cap off and put the valve side of the bottle into the reservoir. It balances there. Open the valve. It will keep the reservoir full while your bleeding the system.Next go to a wheel you haven’t bleed yet. Attached the hose from the large tank container to the bleed fitting. Open the bleed fitting 1/4 turn or so.

Attach an air compressor hose to the large tank. Pull the trigger and watch the fluid and air come out. When the bubbles stop tighten the bleeder fitting and then let off the trigger.

That wheels brake is bled. Repeat for the other 3. Check the tank that’s feeding the reservoir from time to time and refill if its getting low.

Flawless brake bleeding and it will even pull thru the abs system.

They make hand pump models if you don’t have an air compressor but they are much slower and don’t do quite as good of a job on stubborn systems but do ok most of the time.

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