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Cargo area size


Rear hatch fuses (Click on picture to enlarge)


Belt diagram

Handy hidden info :

12 Volt socket up in the passenger side foot well.

Flash Light in glove box (back left corner)

Open all windows and moonroof, Hold unlock button on key fob to open windows.

Closing all windows with the key, To do this, you need to insert the key into your driver’s door lock and turn and hold in the lock position.

Safety Windows, Windows have a safety feature if your hands are in the way while they’re going up! The window will go back down!

Disable the motion-sensor in the X, (you know there is one there right?) by locking the car one more time once you have hit the lock button on the remote.

Panic Mode, if you press and hold for 3-5 secs on the trunk open button the alarm sounds.

Pano roofs: Push the moonroof button up instead of sidways, it will go into a grill mesh mode for high speeds. The inner roof will go ajar and a mesh will spring out. Then the outer glass will tilt open.

Board Computer, hold the BC(board computer) button on the turn signal lever where ud check the gas mileage and all that.. if u held that button for 5secs..the navigation screen shows u all the things that show up on that board computer..

Radio with no keys, turning the radio on without using the key by pushing the radio power button. Turns off automatically after about 20 minutes.

Radio Station Scan, You can change radio station on the steering wheel by holding up/down button longer to scan to next station rather than preset ones.

Accessories, The radio, sunroof, and other “ignition” triggered accessories are available for a period of time after the car is turned off until a door is opened

Seat Belt Adjustment, Little plastic piece on the seat belt that you can adjust so the belt doesn’t cut off circulation to your lower half.

MAX/REST Function, Turn off the car, press the “REST” or “MAX” button and there will be a green light on the button. The HVAC will blow the left over heat into the car for about 20 minutes and will shut itself off.

Order of OBC, You can program the order of info of the OBC in the gauge cluster. Do this by holding down the BC on the signal stalk and using the MID.

Temp Warning, When the temperature drops below 37 F degrees, the car beeps to let you know to watch out for icy roads. Also, the rear defroster comes on.

Odometer, You can read the odometer with the car off; all you have to do is press the needle on the left.

Fluid Change, If you hit the ‘counter reset button’ with the ignition in position 2 (or very quickly when you start your car), then it will show you when you are due to change your brake fluid!

Tool kit, Everyone knows that the screwdriver in the tool kit is reversible

Armrest, Push the top of the armrest it slides forward. It slides over the rear cupholder and actually makes a better position for you to put your arm on.

Disable Interior Lights, Press the center interior light button on the overhead console, HOLD IT FOR 3+ SECONDS, and ALL interior lights will be permanently disabled until the button is again pressed

Path Lighting, Hit the high beam with the car not running and no key in ignition before locking the car. The xenons switch on for a few seconds (30 secs I think) to illuminate the path ahead (pathway lighting?) Good if you have a longish walk to the gate/house and need extra light

Park Lighting, Same as above but turn the indicator stalk left or right for dimmed parking light. Good if you want to park on the side street.

Mirror Dimmer, if you turn the small red light under the rear view mirror , it will go into some night mode incase some jerk behind you is flashing his high beams

Tilt Mirror Delete, You don’t want your passenger side mirror to rotate down while reversing, say there is a something sticking out at 4 feet, just move the slider (that determines which mirror – right or left) to the passenger side and it will stay where it is.

Wipers Info, With the rear wiper actived and the car in reverse, the wiper will pass constantly versus the usual intermittent setting.

Wiper Info, When you have your wipers on fast and medium (don’t knowwhat you call it) Anyways if you come to a stop it’ll go to intermittent

Cluster Reset, If you have disconnected the battery and on reconnection, the instrument cluster lights up like a Christmas tree, start the X, and move the steering wheel all the way to the left, wait 2 seconds and then all the way to the right.

Downshift, If you just stab the gas pedal fairly sharply – about an inch or so, the transmission will downshift a gear for you and you’ll have the extra oomph you’ll need for a smooth pass… Works even better if you’re already in sport mode

DSC ABS Mode, Push and hold the ASC or DSC button; the traction control light will illuminate for several seconds (about 10), then go off. Once the light is off, release the button. Your BMW’s traction control system is now in a mode where ABS will be applied to wheels that lose traction, but the engine throttle will not be reduced!!

DSC Disable, Holding down the DSC button to completely turn it off



Resetting the “Check Brake Linings” message after servicing your brakes

After completing the work:

  • Fully depress brake pedal several times so that brake linings contact brake disks.
  • When installing new brake linings at front and rear axles, brake fluid level must be brought up to the “Max” marking.
  • Hold ignition key for at least 30 seconds in position “1” without starting the engine. This clears a fault entry in RAM. This prevents the brake wear indicator lamp from lighting up again.


Frequencies the remote key works on :

* 315 MHz = North America, Australia

* 433 MHz = Europe, Asia


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