Magcode Connector

One of the problems I run into a bunch around here has to do with keeping batteries charged on my vehicles. This ranges from lawn mowers to even my BMW X5.

What I used to do involved a bunch of battery chargers or battery tenders and drop cords running everywhere and power strips galore to have enough outlets. Messy and even dangerous. Not to mention EXPENSIVE in equipment and power bill costs.

I found a solution though.

Magcode Connectors


The magcode connector has no power on the contacts when the two connectors are not connected. So nothing can short the prongs out causing a short. This is ideal for something that is connected straight to your battery at all times.

Also if you drive off and forget to unplug the cord it simple pulls away with no damage. Careful placement to keep from running over the connector on the end of your charging cable helps though.

Here is how I have mine installed. This is the drivers side front fender. I went here because of where my power cord is located for charging my X5 and because it keeps the cord out of the way if I forget to unplug it. Basically keeps my from driving over the cord.


I use a solar charging setup to charge all of my vehicles. This display is one of the monitors for the system showing the X5’s voltage at the time with the sun being down. Battery was bad when this picture was taken. It now shows 12.6 or higher.


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