BMW X5 Aftermarket Radio Installation

This section will cover the actual installation of the Seicane radio I went with for my 2005 BMW X5 3.0 from unboxing to the finally install.

I cover all of this with a good bit of back and forth on the install on at this link :

So consider this the condensed cleaned up version of that thread 🙂

This is the radio I purchased :

Seicane model S6902

The Unboxing

Not a real fan of unboxing stuff people do but I was VERY impressed with the packaging on this one over the eonons I had bought so here it is.


Here is a comparison of the factory nav unit vs the new Seicane radio.


This next part is a warning. The inside of the dash of a BMW has lost of very SHARP edges on the metal braces and such. So either be very careful or do like I do and make a blood offering to the BMW gods as I put it. Never fails I seem to always end up getting cut doing installs that require running wires thru the dash.

This was after I had run the wires up from the glovebox area to the back of the radio.


So be careful.


BMW X5 Seicane Install


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