BMW IBUS Adapter – Android

The IBUS adapter is required when installing an aftermarket car stereo if you want to keep the OBC functions such as the trip meter, mpg reset, etc. This covers the installation of the adapter and software on my Seicane radio that I installed in my X5.

You can purchase the ibus adapter from here :

I bought the V6 version of the adapter. You do not need to buy any of the other options just the V6 usb adapter.

I used the blue connector that was going to the old nav screen in the dash to connect the IBUS adapter to the X5’s IBUS.

I used wire #6 (white) for the ibus signal and #2 (brown) for ground. I used a fuse tap on fuse #7 in the glove box which shows to be telephone for the positive wire of the ibus interface. This is key switched so it turns the adapter off when the keys off.

So the ibus interface has 4 wires. You don’t use one of them.

So on the ibus its :

1. Red to switch power source – Went to fuse box #7

Fuse shunt I used for #7 fuse in fuse box >

2. Brown to ground – Used wire #2 in blue connector of old nav harness which was brown

3. White to ibus – Used wire #6 in blue connector of old nav harness which was white-ish

4. Green isn’t used – Its designed for switching the nav screen out for backup camera rigs on unique setups which we aren’t using.

The x18801 connector aka the Blue connector that was attached to the Nav unit looks like this :

You can click on the above picture to make it larger.

The plug is number from 1 to 12.

Like this :

1 . . . . 6

7 . . . . 12


After installing the adapter you now need to install the software to run it on the radio.

First download the program to be installed from here :

Your going to have to purchase the app for it to work so you will need to pay for it here :

Its 10.55 euros. I think it came out to $12 or so for me.

After you have the app you need to copy it to a thumb drive.

Now put the usb thumb drive in one of the usb ports on the radio and you get something like this.


Now pick the ibus app to install it.


Now tell it to allow the install and when it finishes choose to open the app.



When the installer screen goes away your greeted with this message. Allow this action too and then check down show this again on the disclaimer.



Here is what some of the screens look like on the app once installed.

Click on a screenshot to make it larger.


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