BMW X5 Driving Lights

My headlights on my X5 are not the best in the world to say the least since the reflective coating for the projectors has faded. The factory drivinglights which could help carry the load for the low beam headlights were a bit weak too. So I set about fix the driving lights at least.

I purchased these :

For $50.00 on amazon in the link above.

This show the difference between just the low beam headlights and then the low beams with the driving lights. I think the upgrade was a success 🙂

Installation was pretty straight forward. I will try to take some pics of the access point I used to get to them when changing them out when I can. Weather is bad right now.

Needless to say stuff headlight led bulbs into driving light housings is kind of overkill in most situations but with my headlights being on the weak side this worked out great.

I ran into some confusion on how BMW refers to driving lights vs what I have always called them. BMW refers to the high beam inner lights up top as driving lights and I guess the lower ones this mod is for as fog lights.

Below is the a picture of the led bulbs installed in my X5. Its the super bright lights in the bumper aka the blue/white ones in this picture.


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