BMW X5 Coding

Being able to code options has to be one of BMW’s strongest selling points in my opinion. The list of what you can do to these vehicles is mind boggling compared to most vehicles out there. This section shows how to code these options and what you can do with coding.

First you need something to actually code the vehicle with. This ranges from simple changes with things like PA Soft 1.4 which has a fair amount of things you can code which are simple on/off check boxes listed out for you to choose from to total access with things like NCS Expert.

All require a cable set of some kind which can be bought on ebay fairly cheaply. PA Soft uses its own cable so buying it from ebay  will get you the cable and the program. NCS Expert, INPA and a host of others use a different cable which also can be purchased from ebay.

I would put links here but since anything sold on ebay expire link wise that isn’t really possible.

I’m dividing this section into two parts. PA Soft and NCS. The reason has to do with how each is used and trying to keep both on the same page would be confusing.

Choose below which coding software your interested in.

BMW PA Soft 1.4


Coding Highbeams


BMW X5 Coding Chart


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