Battery Manufacturer Chart

So who makes your battery? Do you REALLY know who made the battery your running in your car?

Here is the a list of batteries by the REAL manufacturer.

ManufacturerBrand NameModelGroup SizeCold Cranking AmpsCranking AmpsAmp HoursHours ReserveAGM
BrailleBrailleB10049Group 491115CCA1520CA100150Yes
East PennDeka649MFGroup 49900CCA1050CA100185No
Deka9A49Group 49 / H8850CCA975CA92170Yes
Deka Intimidator9AGM49Group 49 / H8850CCA975CA92170Yes
Duracell49(H8)AGMGroup 49 / H8850CCA975CA92170Yes
Duracell49(H8)Group 49 / H8900CCA1105CA185No
O'reilly Super Start Extreme49EXT-SSBGroup 49 / H8900CCA1105CA100185No
World SourceoneCant find model numbers
but bmw x5 owners use them - need info please
Enertec MexicoDuralast (Autozone) H7-AGMGroup 94R / H7850CCA1000CA80140Yes
ExideClassic49-60Group 49850CCA1000CA140No
Exide Global ExtremeL3/48xL3/48/H6760CCA910CA70120No
Exide Global ExtremeL5/49Group 49 / H8900CCA1080CA107185No
InterstateInterstate Mega-TronMTP-49 H8Group 49 / H8730CCA910CA100175No
Interstate Mega-TronMTP-49 H8AGroup 49 / H8900CCA1000CA158Yes
InterstateMTP-95R H9H9850CCA1000CA110180No
Johnson ControlsBoschH8-900BGroup 49 / H8900CCA1080CA107185No
Duralast49-DLGroup 49 / H8850CCA155No
DuralastH8-DLGGroup 49/ H8760CCA100No
EverstartMaxx 94R - Discontinued765CCANo
EverstartMaxx H7H7790CCA130No
EverstartMaxx H8H8900CCA140No


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