F250 Fuel Filter

A short howto on changing the fuel filter on a 2002 F250 Super Duty.

This is the fuel filter I pulled from my truck. The truck was almost not running it was so dirty. Night and day difference after changing it out. Needless to say I will be keep this changed more often than the previous owner did.



This gif movie sequence about is me changing the filter for the 2nd time. Notice how it doesnt look near as bad as the first change. I changed it a short time after the oil change and by the looks of it you would think it wasnt that bad but the truck was really suffering even at that level crud being on it. I also used seafoam on this change and it ran instantly smoother, smoother than it ever had, but I can’t say for sure it was the seafoam treament I put in the fuel bowl or the filter being dirty.

Also note that the filter Im installing this time is completely different from the last one. This was a filter I purchased at napa which includes a lid pre-attached to the filter. So I didnt reuse the old lid like before. Also note you need to keep the old lid when using this type of filter in case you end up in a situation where you need the old seperate style lid.



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