Wheels – F250

Well I finally got new wheels. Turned out to be a good bit sooner than I had planned but more on that in a minute.

First the new wheels. I bought these wheels at http://www.discounttiredirect.com/ for a great price. Very helpful with the order and they tossed in a free set of valve stems. I would definitely buy from them again. The rims I got are the Gunner series with the particular ones being the Gunner 8’s.

The Gunner series is divided up by the number of bolt holes the rim has so there are gunner 6’s, 8’s etc. The rims balanced out great with the highest weight I needed being 3 ounces which is a bunch I know but remember these are being shoed with large mud tires and that was only on one tire. The others were around an ounce. Well enough babbling, lets check out the rims !


Notice in the above picture the front hub lockers. Anyone with a superduty will notice how the warn hubs I switched to are perfectly flush

with the rim. The factory auto lockers stick out a ton further and would look like crap in my opinion. The warns actually looked funny

with the factory wheels since they sat so far back inside the hubcap but with these rims it looks almost factory. Lucked out on this part big time !

In the next picture you can see what the wheels came with for center caps. I just left the center cap off in the above picture because of the hubs.


Remember me saying that I had to buy the rims earlier than planned? Well here’s why….

These are my factory rims. See if you can tell what the problem is 🙂

First shot is a good wheel.


Now the bad one.


Not hard to tell these two apart 🙂


My EX-local tire guy shaved the backside off the rim when I went to get the ss m16 tires put on. Then had the nerve to tell me that it was like that when I brought them in. I watched them do it. That’s why they are my EX tire place. I use another place now and will never go back there. Its a local place here so I won’t bother naming names.


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