Air Intake Heater Delete Mod

How to remove the Air Intake Heater from a powerstroke aka Delete It.

Remember you can click on any of the pictures in this howto to enlarge them to better see any step along the way.

Step 1 : Find it 🙂



Step 2 : Locate the wire that runs from the AIH to the solenoid that runs it.



Step 3: Now remove the wire from the Solenoid. Remember to leave the other wire thats attached to the post alone and put the nut back on. The wire your leaving on makes the pcm think everythings just fine with the AIH were about to butcher the crap out of 🙂


Step 4: Remove the nut from the AIH thats holding the wires on.


Step 5: Fish the postive wire out as its not needed anymore. Keep this in case you want to put the AIH back to working condition.


Step 6: Now remove the spacer and the ground wire.


Step 7: Now remove the AIH itself with a 1″ deepwell socket.


Step 8: The fun stuff. We now butcher the AIH. Cut the assembly off of the back side of the AIH. Be careful not to damage the threads.

Also be careful not to cause any side to side pressure on the part that goes thru the nut as this can cause leaks later.

If the hacksaw is not your thing……

Move up to a sawsall 🙂


Step 9 : Admire your destruction before reassembling….


Step 10 : Reinstall your butchered AIH assembly.


Step 11 : Tape up the ground wire to keep it from getting into anything.


Step 12 : Drink a 6 pack, this step can be extended longer as needed 🙂

This is a dry county. No pics.


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