F250 Gallery

Well as most things normally start at the beginning lets show what happened first. This is how the truck looked when I first saw it. The dealership couldn’t get it to crank when it was very cold outside. Everyone figured it was the glow plugs. So did I honestly. They wanted to start it with ether to show me how well it ran etc. I told them if they would leave it alone I would buy it as is. I wanted the truck but I didn’t want them damaging it trying to crank it with ether. Turned out it needed new injectors but it was still well worth it.



Here we see how the truck spent the first 2 years of my ownership. Plugged into the block heater 🙂 With bad injectors some of the injectors wouldn’t fire below 65 degrees. Keeping it plugged in got around this problem.


Reaching the 300k mark.


I had just finished working on my driveway with my backhoe the day before and the rains decided to set in for a few days.

Here’s my truck after a trip up my driveway. This is from plowing thru 1 foot deep bogs of slick mud.


2008’s Snow – Our first snow in 15 years. It stuck more after these pics but not alot more. The F250 did great.



At the park


The Nest – All things crowz….