Shifter Mods

This section takes you thru installing the illuminated shifter and alcantara leather shift boot in my 2000 BMW 323i.

Now on to the install.

This shows what I had to start with. When I did my swap from an automatic to a manual transmission I bought this shifter and shift boot off ebay. Needless to say it didn’t match anything in the car but hey I needed something cheap to shift with and it fit the bill.



First step is to remove the shifter boot. Its actually very easy and requires no tools for this part. Simple push in twards the shifter and lift to remove it.



Now grab the shift knob and PULL. Careful how you do this because on some cars they are really stuck on there and you can end up hitting yourself in the face if you are not careful.


Now remove the shifter boot from over the shifter.



Now use a phillips screw driver to remove the 2 screws at the base of the shifter plate on the console.



Now lift console lid off to expose the connectors that are attached to the power window switches and the emergency flasher button.


There are 2 connectors to unplug. They simply pull out of the switches. One is on each side of the lid.



Now locate the 2 wires Im showing you in the picture below. Ones grey with a red strip (its the positive wire) and the other is brown (its the ground wire).



If your using the same illuminated shifter knob kit that I purchased from ECS Tuning then it should of come with a wiring kit.

There are 2 press on connectors that allow you to tap the wires we just located joining them to the 2 wires on the short lead with the connector that came with the kit also.

Simply match up the wire colors if your using this kit. If not I listed the wires polarity above for reference.



Now pay attention to where you put that plug end you just spliced on. We will need it to connect to the shifter knob shortly.



Now feed the wire from the shift knob thru the new alacantre shifter boot as shown below.



Once fed thru the boot you attach the two connectors together.



At this point you will need to press the new knob onto the shifter itself. Pay attention to a few things here.

First you need to make sure the numbers are facing correctly. You don’t want your new knob being upside down now do you?

Second you need to make sure the wires are on each side of the shifter shaft before pressing it down. This should prevent you from pinching them while pushing the knob on.



Now press the knob onto the shaft.



Last but not least you press the new shifter boot into place.



That’s it your done. Enjoy your work and try out the lights !






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