BMW 323i Khoalty Angel Eyes

Well I got my ae’s and lenses installed and Im VERY pleased with them. I will be buying another kit from Khoalty for my wifes 528i.

First lets cover the brightness…..


Yeah they are definitely bright

Now for how they look at a normal distance which shows how the leds dont single out that bad. Which I like.



Now a shot of them REAL close which shows the individual led’s clearly.



This shot has the low beams on to show how the ae’s compare with the halegon light and how bright they are vs the headlight itself.


Now with the highbeams on too.



Very pleased with the kit all around except for one detail.

The instructions dont just suck, they dont EXIST. The box had nothing in it but the ae kit itself. The website had some ok instructions but I actually had to go find post on other sites to help with picking the correct wires for turning the ae’s on.

Also I found it kind of lame they used the orions instructions on their site.

But otherwise loved the kit and will buy more. I just think they need to address the instruction issue.

Oh and the dust on the lenses is on the outside

Was just too darn tired afterward to clean them just now and had request for pics so I shot some.



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