2000 BMW 323i

This of course is my 2000 BMW 323i. Its part of the e46 series BMW produced from 1998 to 2005 in sedan form (4 doors). Other models varied a bit on the production years.

I’ve modified it a fair bit from how BMW originally built it and I will try to show most of the mods I have done over time.

The car originally came with the steptronic automatic transmission. It served me well into the 300,000 mile range but I was driving the car more and more aggressively and I was starting to have issues with it holding gears in hard low speed turns. Basically snatching it around at low speeds was causing the automatic transmissions issues keeping the fluid picked up. So I swapped it to a 5 speed manual. So far I like the swap. Im up to 41 mpg now at times after the swap from the 36 mpg I could get with the automatic. I also changed the rear end from the factory 3.46 to a 3.08 ratio.

The factory harman kardon sound was great but I wanted more features. So I upgraded to a Eonon navigation unit. Also I refreshed several of my speakers to BSW Sound speakers.

Cooling system wise I swapped the mechanical fan over to electric fans after the manual swap.

Besides some coding I did from various change overs the car is pretty much stock.


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