Miata Stereo

Headrest Speaker Diagram – Wiring Methods

headrest speakers parallel

headrest speakers series

L = Left
R = Right
o = Connection Point
(+) = Positive Terminal
(-) = Negative Terminal
x = Wire Splice (suggested point for ease of installation and,
if desired, to alter from series to parallel)
Drawings are shown for left side drive (USA) Miatas

Miata headrest speakers can be properly wired
either in parallel or series.

Factory and dealer installed headrest speaker
wiring, and most aftermarket, parallel wires.
Factory installed headrest speaker wiring can
not be reasonably altered to series wire.
Dealer installed types and some aftermarket
(runs through the center console) can.
High power aftermarket head units over
20 watts/channel (rms) can deliver more power
to headrest speakers than is safe for hearing
and speakers.  Series wiring (usually custom
made for aftermarket head unit compatibility)
reduces the detrimental effects of excessive
head unit power.

That’s commonly assured by the incorrect assumption “(RIGHT) Black-/white+, (LEFT) red+/yellow-” instead of as actually constructed (RIGHT) Black-/white+, (LEFT) red-/yellow+ for both factory and Mazda dealer installations, and most all aftermarket installations.

For 1990 Miatas, the car’s wiring at the Miata radio’s rear:

For the larger radio connector, power, control and door speaker wiring:
Blue/Black: ACC
Blue/Red: BATT
Red/Black: The Nighttime Signal (TNS)
Blue Right: Door –
Blue/Yellow: Right Door + (some 1990 Miatas as built, Blue/Green)
Red/Green: Left Door +
Red/White: Left Door –

For the smaller radio connector, headrest speaker wiring:
For pre-96.5 NA Miatas built for standard audio the car’s wiring colors for headrest speakers within the smaller radio connector are inconsistent from Miata to Miata, and from documentations. Electrically trace each of them from end to end to determine all their conductive paths in each specific Miata. Then connect wiring (use parallel method for OEM and most others)



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