Weight Required to Lift Hood

Weight Required to Lift Hood

I just replaced the hood struts (small ones at the nose) on my 87 convertible. After reading here and elsewhere to see how much of a difference I could expect with replacing them and finding varying opinions I figured Id find out just what it actually took to raise the hood of the car.

So using a scale for measuring luggage weight I tested it.

The hold test was lifting the hood just off completely closed and seeing what it showed was needed to hold it in that position.

45.19 lbs dead lift bad struts

37.44 lbs hold bad struts

43.82 lbs dead lift one good one bad strut

30.04 lbs hold one good one bad strut

36.51 lbs dead lift both new struts

24.94 lbs hold both new struts

Hood 45 degrees open

23.14 lbs hold both bad struts

17.90 lbs hold one good one bad strut

10.33 lbs hold both good struts

Also I noticed that with both struts replaced I actually have to pull down on the hood to start it closing now. Before I had to lift to release the lock pin and it would fall from there on its own.

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