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I revived these pages for Vader86 on the corvetteforum after they were deleted. So everything in this section isn’t my work at all. Its his. He can be found in the C4 section of the corvette forum.

Vader86’s C4 Technical Page


“The car is You, You are the car. Any questions?”-Memphis Raines, Gone in 60 Seconds

“Unless, of course, youre a know-nothing punk like NC Kid”
Clemson Sports Car Club I used to be a member
Corvette Facts
My 1986
42 Things a Woman cant expect a Clemson man to give up
You might be a gearhead if…
Physics of Racing Series by B. Beckman I plan to refine this, but its a good beginner’s series for those who know a little physics or want to understand things.
Corvette Video Montage
Spdkillz…this guy has some cool videos
American LeMans Series





Minor Mods Page


Mod Strategy


The Superram


Vader86's Links


The Nest – All things crowz….