Rear Speakers Coupe

Well most C4 corvette owners have wonder just what can be done with the factory setup for rear speakers. The first thing that comes to mind of course is replacing them. I had what was suposed to be the best GM put in the corvette’s. The Delco-Bose system. Didn’t do much for me:) So I decided to add a little something to pick it up.

I removed the factory bose speakers and enclosesures and installed stillwater kicker mass drivers. Major improvement!!!

This outlines that install.

Here’s what we started with. The factory bose setup.



Here we see the factory bose speaker with the grill removed. What doesnt show up at this point to well is the fact that the factory holes are really 6×9’s. The bose system is made up of a speaker box with a 4″ woofer and internal amp.



Closeup of the bose enclosure in place with the amp/speaker wire harness unplugged.



This is the stillwater kicker installed in the 6×9 adapter.This is the stillwater kicker installed in the 6×9 adapter.






A better shot of the bose enclose.



This may look like the same picture as the one above. But look closely this is with the 6×9 plate removed. Notice the bose box is completely separate.



This is the bose speaker encloser. Notice the silver box in the last pic. Thats the amp.


This shows just how much of a hole is really there. Pretty large.



As you can see a perfect fit:)




And the finished product. Looks factory wouldn’t you say?




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