Dash Speakers

The delco bose system doesn’t normally have dash speakers. This meant cutting out the dummy grills in the dash and installing something a little different.

I chose infinitity’s killer plate mounts. Ive had wonderful success with these in my Trans Am and figured this would be a killer addition for the vette. Was right:)

First I had to remove the dash and get to the blanks. This is the dash pad removed and ready for some mods.




This shows the blank before some cutting:) Nice thing about these blanks is they have the mount towers for the speakers already there. So all I had to do was drill 4 small holes for the mounts after I cut the large center hole for the speakers to breath through.




This is the drivers side infinity kappa installed.




And this of course is the passenger side speaker mounted.




At this point we are ready to reinstall the dash pad.




Threw this one in to show the size of the hole without a speaker in it.




This is what you’ve got with the dash pad off:) Not very nice looking..



That was as far as I got howto wise on my 86 coupe for the dash speaker install but that pretty much covered what was needed.

I put tweeters in the same location for my 87 Convertible. I will try to get a howto in for that soon.


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