Rear End

One of the interesting things I found out about my 1987 Convertible right off the bat was that the previous owner had changed the gear ratio. Most C4 vette’s are geared extremely high compared to other cars. Especially the automatic equipped cars. As high as a 2.59 ratio. This is great for those 160+mph runs but flat sucks for drag racing. My car has a 3.73 ratio rear end. Running 3.73’s with an automatic is a flat blast around town and at the drag strip but you lose a good bit of mpg and top end speed. Also the previous owner changed the Dana 36 rear end out for Dana 44. A rather expensive mod in itself as most people get a pretty penny for the Dana 44.

In case your wondering which rear end you have here are the two of them side by side for comparison :

Dana 36 and Dana 44




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