HID Headlight Installation

This section takes you thru installing projector housings into the car and wiring them up.

Now on to the install part 2 (Part 1 being the howto on installing the bulbs in the housings).


First thing we need to do is to get the headlights rotated enough to get to the screws needed to remove the painted cover from the headlight.




You need to turn the knob on the headlight motor to rotate the headlight far enough around to get to the screws. My motors have the knob on the bottom twards the car body. Newer models have the knob on the top of the motor. This shows where the knob is on my motors.



This shows you how far you need to rotate the headlights to get to the screws.




Now remove the 2 torx screws with a T15 bit.



Now remove the two philips head screws from the other side of the covers. This is the part thats on the oposite side of the hood.



Now carefully remove painted covers from the headlights. Be careful not to drop them.



Now remove the philips head screws from the headlights ring. There are 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom. The middle screw on the bottom is for adjusting the headlight up and down for aiming. DO NOT TOUCH that during the install. Once the screws are out the ring simple falls off. Also notice the 2 metal tabs under the 2 top screws. These provide tension to the headlight housings. So be careful to put them back exactly like you found them when reassembling.


Now unplug the headlight from the wiring harness and remove the old headlight. Next you need to plug the headlight style plug from the hid kit wiring harness to the plug that was plugged into the old headlight.


Now carefully move the new projector housing into the socket where the old headlight was. Note the word TOP on the new housing. Make sure that is facing down twards the car body since thats what will rotate over and be the top when the headlights are “up”.



Now connect the small lead that works the shutter of the hid bulb to its spot on the harness.



Now plug the black 2 wire connector from the harness to the red 2 wire connector from the ballast.


Now plug the red bullet connector from the harness to the red bullet connector from the ballast.




Now plug the black bullet connector from the harness to the blue bullet connector from the ballast.




Now do the other headlight just like this one EXCEPT you do not fool with the old headlight plug and just leave it stuffed back in the housing or tape it up. Otherwise its the same as what you just did to the drivers side headlight.

Once both headlights are done you need to run your power wires.

Now you need to cut the black lead that has the metal circle clip with the hole in the middle off while keeping enough of the wire on the clip end to allow you to splice in enough wire to reach the horn’s ground wire where it attaches to the frame. Once the extension wire is spliced in remove the 10mm bolt from the frame and put the lug under the bolt and reinstall the bolt into the frame. This will give you a good ground. This has to be done on BOTH headlights. So you end up with 2 spliced on grounds with each of the wires going under each horns ground wire.



Last but not least is the power wire. Again you will cut the provided power wires circle clip (lug) off and splice a longer wire into it where it can reach a power source. I went to power distribution point thats behind the battery. This had a 10mm nut on it which I removed and put the lug under. Fit perfectly. I recommend removing the negative lead from the battery since the point your attaching to is hot all the time and will be an arc fest while your trying to mess with the 10mm nut. So to play it safe use a 8mm wrench to remove the negative battery post (moving ALL the negative battery wires AWAY from the battery’s negative post there) while your messing with that hot wire for the hids. Once you have the 10mm nut tightened down you need to put your negative post back on.



At this point your hids “work”. But you need to do something about securing the block controller box and the wires to keep them from getting into anything. I stopped at this point. Made sure the hids worked perfectly and put everything up for how. Weather and cold got to me. I will finish the wiring securing and such when the weather permits.


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