Hid Headlight Bulb Install


This section takes you thru installing the hid bulbs into the projector housings.

Now on to the install.

First remove the rubber cap that covers the back of the housing. This exposes the locking spring lever and the plastic fill plug that is shipped with them to keep dust out of the inside of the housings.


Now push down and outward on the spring to get it out from under the metal lock tab. It will then swing upward.


Remove the plastic fill plug from the bulb socket so the hid bulbs can be installed.



At this point you need to make sure the large tab of the 3 tabs on the xenon bulb is pointed twards the top of the projector housing. There are 3 tabs on the bulb. 2 are the same size and one is larger than the others. The large tab goes upwards. So basically match up the tabs on the bulb to the slots in the housing. Now insert the xenon bulb into the housing.


Now push the locking spring lever back in place.




Next retrieve the rubber cap that you removed from the housing to start with.

Your going to have to cut this to allow the xenon bulb housing to fit thru it. The cap is designed for halegon bulbs so a bit of cutting is required.

Notice the word top on the cap. You want that facing the top of the housing when you put it back on the housing so were going cut this on the bottom part of the ring. Make sure you dont cut to far as we need as much of a seal against moisture as possible. The reason there is a “top” to this has to do with the 2 drain holes made into the cap needing to face downwards.



Now you reinstall the cap onto the housing while running the xeonon bulb wires thru the cap.


That’s all there is to installing the bulbs. Now repeat that on the other housing. Next we need to remove the old headlights and mount the new housings we just setup.

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