Schrader Valves

Well I decided to fix my a/c today and it had a leak in both Schrader valves so I went to change them. This is what happened….

The shaft with the spring and nothing else is what came out when I used the tool to remove them. Both valves did this. Ive done a few hundred of these in my time and Ive never had this happen before.


The screw you see driven into the old Schrader piece below is what I had to do to extract both of the old valves.



So incase someone runs into the same thing a nice wood screw works wonders getting the old seat out when it comes apart like that.

Got it charged by bypassing the low pressure switch, seems its toast. So will have to order one of those tomorrow but its blowing snowballs so alls good. Just need that low pressure switch to use it while driving down the road.


antfarmer2 from the corvetteforum reminded me that the valve removal tools have an end on them to remove damaged valves like this.  So if you have access to the right tool that funning looking end(threaded tip that comes to a point)  is for backing out damaged valves.


The pointed end with threads on it is for removing damaged valves.

AutoEC 4-in-1 Tire Valve Stem Core Remover – Tire Repair Tool – Pack of 1


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