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A bit about my vette…

While the car looks stock in reality my 1987 Corvette Convertible is far from stock.

The previous owner seems to of spared no expense making a sleeper out of it. Well besides the Toledo Pro High Rise Hood and the spoiler on the back. Even looking at the engine it looks pretty much stock. But what lurks below is anything but stock.

383 Stroker motor, 3.73 Dana 44 posi-traction rear end, upgraded injectors, pump are among a few of the tweaks that were done.

Its not near as “refined” as my previous 86 coupe was. Its more like driving a race car in comparison. Just pushing the pedal down at 35 mph results in laying two very nice black marks on the highway for about as long as you want to make them. Just taking off from a stop in town can be a challenge to keep if from spinning out.

Seems like every time I go to work on the car I discover some new tweak that was done.

Fun car to play with but not a very enjoyable cruiser for long drives when compared to most corvettes of its generation.


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