This was our ferret Bunji.


I hear people going on and on how ferrets are mean and bite and I have seen ferrets that other people own that are mean and bite but ours have never been like this.

I guess its just the way we handle ours and how we raised them.

For anyone interested this is how we do it and after multiple ferrets that love being held and never bite we must be doing something right.

  1. Never play rough with them. Ferret’s are by nature rough with each other. They bite very hard when playing. Excessive rough housing is fun but will cause your ferret to switch to a frenzy type play mode and your going to get bit.

2. Teach them early on that those teeth of theirs hurt. When they are young they will test out their teeth gently on your arm and fingers. Act like it hurts really bad. Impart on them that it hurts and you don’t like it. They will have no interest in doing that later on.

3. Spend time holding your ferret early on. You have to get them used to being held and that chilling out and being affectionate is the norm.

Bunji was with us for quite a few years and we still miss her. That’s one of the hardest part of owning ferrets. They have a very short lifespan and you get very attached to them.


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