My Other Vehicles
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I now use wordpress to manage my site. This section has been left up for all the people that have linked to things I have posted in the past. To see my new site which contains the information from the old site too plus any new things I post please click HERE

I have people ask me from time to time how many cars I have since I change up a good bit what Im driving. Easier to just list them here :)

My Current Rides

f250main.jpg (135637 bytes)     2002 F250 - My new truck

crowzbmw.jpg (102194 bytes)    2000 BMW 323i - My Daily Driver when not driving my F250

1999 Ford F150 4wd - Another of my trucks.

pict0009.jpg (317232 bytes)    1997 Pontiac Formula Firebird - LT1 6speed... Fun :)

1997 BMW 528 - Wifes car.

front.jpg (240963 bytes)     1991 Ford F150 - Restoring slowly.

1987 Corvette Convertible

PICT0001-640x480.jpg (137300 bytes)     1987 Mercedes 190D - The wifes car.

1986 Ford Crown Victoria

passfrontside.JPG (41908 bytes)      1984 S10 Blazer

mini300zx.jpg (12189 bytes)     1984 300zx

mvc-015s_small.jpg (2151 bytes)     1970 Ford Falcon



My Past Rides

dodge1_small.jpg (2105 bytes)     2000 Dodge Sport 4x4 King Cab - Returned to person I was taking up payments from, deal wasnt quite above board.

mvc-001s.jpg (33068 bytes)     1998 GMC 4x4 - Traded in on my 2002 F250

1996 Mazda 626 - sold.

1991 Camero - Traded it for the 1996 Mazda 626. 626 needs trans and is for sale :)

minivette.jpg (11461 bytes)     1986 Corvette - Traded it for my 1997 Pontiac Formula - Good car but I wanted more room and my back couldnt take the rough ride anymore.

thunderbird2.JPG (20497 bytes)      1986 Ford Thunder Bird - Traded it back to the people I got it from for a 1991 camero.

minita.jpg (9321 bytes)    1985 Pontic Trans Am - Gave it to my son

My F100 4x4 - Rough looks but awesome offroad      1977 F100 4x4

1984 S10 Pickup - Bought it for a friend basically.

1983 Mazda Rx7 - Got it from a customer, manual trans leaked fluid pretty bad, didnt know rx7 exhaust got so hot. Caught on fire and burned thru to interior. Sold it.

1974 Chevy Pickup - Nothing special. Bought it at a carlot. Sold it to my grandfather.

1971 Pontiac Firebird - 2nd Car. Several motor changes and eventually sold it to a lady, had to repo it and then sold it to a friend.

1970 Toyota Celica - First car, motor died, rebuilt it and it died again. Sold it to a friend.


Friend's Rides

truck2.jpg (83732 bytes)      Quickz's 1998 Chevrolet Z71 Truck