Alienware Aurora R10 Ryzen Edition

I picked up a Ryzen edition since my other alienware machines are not windows 10 compatible. Nice machine so far. I will go into more details about it later.

The reason Im making this page is because for some reason when I post the solution to a problem on the dell site for people it keeps deleting my post. So Im putting it here for people to find.

Update 10-23-2021 :

Post is now showing on the dell forum now. I’ll still leave this here for future reference.


I swapped the case out on my R10 Ryzen edition for a R12 Intel computer case. Of course the halo ring doesnt show up in the alienware control program because it recognizes it as a Ryzen edition machine. So no 4th zone for the halo ring. Even if I could trick it into thinking I had an intel machine that would of messed up the other controls since I dont have an intel machine.

Here is the solution. It works flawlessly no matter what.

Download this package :

I went with the one.

Uncompress the install package.

Note antivirus may go off, did on mine about a dll file that is required for the gui stuff. Were not using that so let the antivirus nuke that file and keep going.

Fire up a command prompt by running cmd.

Go to the directory you put the files in.

After getting it you run the alienfx-probe program and it will go thru each light one by one turning them green.

Basically it will say light #0 and ask you to name it or hit enter to skip it.

The first one turned the power button green. I named it power button and pressed enter.

Next it said light #1 or something and I named that one inner ring.

Next was light #2 and that was the halo so I named it halo ring.

Next of course is light #3 which was the side panel light so I named it side panel.

After that I just pressed enter for the next 20 or so prompts to skip them. Once done it returned to the command prompt.

Then I ran this to set all my lights red and at full brightness.

alienfx-cli set-all=255,0,0,255

To make all the lights dim you would run this :

alienfx-cli set-all=255,0,0,128

Now just put the alienfx-cli line from above in a batch file and have it run at boot time.

Problem solved.


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