Ive built my own machines for years. Well since the 1980’s actually. Yep I’m that old….

The point being I used to build all my machines. That said I didnt build my own laptop machines. I wanted a gaming laptop (there actually never were any) which led of course to wanting a gaming notebook computer as the sizes got smaller. Then one day I had enough cash on hand to buy an alienware notebook. Though having a 17″ screen and being almost 3 inches tall closed I have a hard time calling it a notebook personally. More like a laptop.

Here’s what I bought :

My particular machine is a M17x R3. It has an Intel I7 processor with 12 gig of memory and 1.5 terrabytes of disk space. Nvidia dedicated graphics card and a real 3D display (Which requires 3d glasses which I don’t like wearing so was a complete waste of money for that part), Blu-ray player and dvd burner, usb 3.0, external sata port, hdmi and killer speakers.

It ended up costing me about $3000. But I have no regrets as Ive had it for a few years now and it still plays any of the latest games at max settings flawlessly.

Battery life is… well…. ok it has no battery life to speak of. 1 hour tops 🙂


So how does this have anything to do with “I always built my machines”? Well I was so impressed with the notebook computer I found myself wandering around their site looking at the desktop machines. Then I saw it. Well I saw a movie of it in action. The raptor hackles raising up as it was booted up. I was hooked.



So off I go to the sites store section and I start doing the build specs for it. Ended up with an Alienware Aurora R4. Sweet machine.


So how does it compare to what I could of built? Sure I could of bought all the components in the machine but I would of been battling what all builders (that are honest at least) battle with each new build they do. Getting a set of components that actually work together without conflicts, driver issues, blue screens, etc. Its Russian roulette which isn’t a bad game with $500 builds.

But doing an I7 build meant it was going to run me $1000 or more in parts alone. Sorry $1000 or more games of Russian roulette isn’t what I call fun anymore at my age.

The Aurora R4 has worked flawlessly right out of the box. I have had no issues with it ever and maintain 100 fps when others are seeing 50 and 200 fps when most are seeing 85. People complain about this and that in most games I play online and I just smile and keep playing.

So that’s why I went from builder to end user and I have no regrets at all.



Alienware R10 Aurora Ryzen Edition


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