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Light Pattern Pics

I want to take a second before going into the install and so forth to rave about Retro Solutions. This company is providing two things that I haven't seen out of any of the other HID kit makers. One is fair pricing. I don't mean dirt cheap junk nor do I mean mega expensive. The kits are FAIRLY priced. You get an excellent product at a very good price. Second is support. You know instantly when you purchase your kit, you are dealing with a company that gives a crap and cares that you are happy. Support before, during and after the sale. I cannot think of a way to really get this across but in my opinion if you buy HID's from anyone else, your are an idiot in my book. Retro Solutions is THE company for HID lighting. Period.

This is the link where I purchased my HIDS.  Link


Now on to the install.

Here is what the kit looks like before you install it.

dscn0788.jpg (233603 bytes)

dscn0789.jpg (235522 bytes)

dscn0790.jpg (239176 bytes)

And yes they come in that cool case at no extra charge. Nice huh?


This is the ballast mounted on the drivers side. I had to remove the airbox and the battery tray to do this. Drilled two holes to bolt the box where you see it.

Also loosened a ground wire that you can see the bolt head of right above the ballast and turned it 45 degrees for clearance.

dscn0791.jpg (239553 bytes)

Another angle of the same ballast.

dscn0792.jpg (244087 bytes)

And this one is a useless pic showing the box removed for the hid install. Yes my truck is filthy and yes I will be fixing that soon.

dscn0793.jpg (239198 bytes)


Now this pic shows the one modification I had to do. The hids sockets wouldnt fit inside the factory lock down rings. Here is what was ground off.

The one on the left is the ground one and the one of the right is the one waiting to be ground down.

dscn0794.jpg (235169 bytes)


dscn0795.jpg (229178 bytes)

Here is the stock headlights for reference.

dscn0797.jpg (239259 bytes)

Another shot of the factory lights.

dscn0800.jpg (236145 bytes)

Here is the passenger side ballast installed. The block box you see under the ballast is the relay box that switches the hids from hi to low beam.

dscn0801.jpg (238633 bytes)

Here is the low beams of the HIDS.

dscn0803.jpg (239883 bytes)

dscn0804.jpg (233795 bytes)

dscn0805.jpg (234231 bytes)

dscn0806.jpg (237305 bytes)

dscn0810.jpg (238117 bytes)

dscn0811.jpg (230670 bytes)

dscn0812.jpg (236319 bytes)

This is me trying to take a pic while driving down the road in a hurricane.

dscn0822.jpg (234031 bytes)

Here is the beginning of my driveway in pouring rain, now THAT'S light :)

dscn0826.jpg (239114 bytes)

dscn0827.jpg (236043 bytes)


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