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My dream truck so to speak. Ive always wanted a truck that had a certain list of features but I didn't have a particular truck in mind. I just knew what I wanted it to have.

I wanted a diesel truck. For gas mileage and power and of course that diesel sound :)

I wanted a kingcab or a crew cab. So the entire family could fit in it for going places.

It had to have 4 wheel drive. I think a truck that isn't a 4x4 isn't a truck, just a car with a bed added :)

It needed some ground clearance to go with the 4x4. No since in bottoming out off road.

As far a certain brand or a particular truck, no real idea. I tried a dodge 2000 4x4 sport. Nice truck looks wise. The v8 wasnt very powerful and the transfer case looked pretty tiny. The ABS brakes were a joke. Nearly ran over a lady crossing the road when a light rain going on. Gas mileage was 12mpg if you were VERY lucky. Wasn't the right truck for me.

I had a 98 GMC which I traded in on my F250. The gmc was under powered, 305 V8. I loved the styling, but the regular cab was too small. The 4x4 system was very reliable. But the truck couldn't pull anyone out if they got stuck. Long wheel base was the most likely reason behind its poor mud performance. Good truck, just wasn't the right truck.

I also have an F100 or F150 1977 4x4 pickup. This things HUGE, lift kit, roll bars, big tires and an awesome grill/bumper addon. Fun offroad but ruff looking. I still play offroad with it in bad areas.

I also have a 1993 short wheelbase F150 5 speed manual with straight 6. Nice truck but wasnt the right one either.

I had seen the F250's and I liked the grill plus I liked the way the doors dip down at the side mirrors.  Then I got a chance at the one I got.


2002 F250 Super Duty Crew Cab 7.3 litre Powerstroke Diesel. This thing is HUGE. Makes a full size F150, Chevy Silverado or a Dodge pickup look like a S10 pickup.

Im still learning about how to maintain the truck as its a lot different from a gas burner but so far I love it and this should be the last truck I ever buy.


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