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Corvette Digital Dash Repair updated

I finally finished the digital dash repair section for the Corvette C4 area. I still need to put some more pictures in but the howto article part is done.

Check it out HERE

Also the Corvette C4 CS-144 alternator upgrade section is pretty much done.

Check it out HERE


Hopefully the weather will start warming up soon so I can get back to my outdoor projects. One project I want to get done next is the Corvette C4 Corsa catback exhaust system pipe shortening mod. Out of the box the Corsa catback system’s mid section pipes are to long. This makes properly aligning the tips impossible at times and causes the entire system to hang down lower than it needs to. I’m going to do a howto on shortening these pipes to achieve a better fit.


That’s about it for now.

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