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Solar Power

Well I haven’t posted much lately from lack of free time. I kind of went overboard playing with solar power.

What started out as a simple method of charging my cars and trucks that I don’t drive that much turned into powering my home with solar power.

I’m going to add a section on the site covering my solar endeavors shortly.

Well that’s all for now.


Added a bit more

I added quite a few new sections in the last day or so including a general tools page. I get asked from time to time what tool I use for a project or what I would recommend for doing a certain mod or repair.

So I made a page that covers the tools I use most often. So if your into tools much here is what I use :

General Tools


Weather keeps improving here so I should be getting closer to being able to do more howto’s and getting more pictures up for the ones I already have posted. I know everyone mentions global warming all the time but it sure is hard to believe when Alabama has such cold weather of late.

Well if your being blasted by the cold like we are keep warm and stay safe.


Corvette Digital Dash Repair updated

I finally finished the digital dash repair section for the Corvette C4 area. I still need to put some more pictures in but the howto article part is done.

Check it out HERE

Also the Corvette C4 CS-144 alternator upgrade section is pretty much done.

Check it out HERE


Hopefully the weather will start warming up soon so I can get back to my outdoor projects. One project I want to get done next is the Corvette C4 Corsa catback exhaust system pipe shortening mod. Out of the box the Corsa catback system’s mid section pipes are to long. This makes properly aligning the tips impossible at times and causes the entire system to hang down lower than it needs to. I’m going to do a howto on shortening these pipes to achieve a better fit.


That’s about it for now.

Thanks for stopping by !


Getting there..

So far so good. WordPress has turned out to be fun and non stressful so I’m actually enjoying working on the site for a change.

I have the framework laid down so to speak. Still a bit more work on the pets section to go. The computer section lacks my entire antique computer collection so that’s a bunch to go there. Vehicle wise I have most of my cars and trucks entered in that now. Still a bunch more to go with subsections on those.

Also I haven’t added my antique cars yet. The 1970 Ford Falcon needs new pictures to get it added. The 1967 case backhoe section needs doing.

Next new area to add is general photos. I’m going to add mostly photos of the area I live in to that. I live in a very rural area with some really nice scenery so I would like to setup something for that.

Well till next time, thanks for stopping by.


Moving in

Well I finally decided to update my ancient site. Seeing as its earlier sections date from around 1996 or so that’s pretty ancient by web standards 🙂

Since my site consists of hundreds of sections in all I figured wordpress might be an ideal method to keep up with it all. I used to use frontpage back in the day , which most love attacking as junk which in most ways it was but it had a unique navigation system.

No other web editor/backend product ever made could touch front pages ability to flowchart web pages. You can manage 1000’s of pages effortlessly since they displayed as a giant flowchart. Allowing instant page making at any point with perfect linkage. You could see where any page connected at any time instantly and there was zero chance of an orphaned page (not linked to another page).

Still haven’t found anything that even comes close to that in any other product and Ive been looking for one for over 15 years. But for simple site updates as I do car mod pages and such I think wordpress will fit the bill.