Carport solution against hail damage

A few weeks ago Jacksonville Alabama and several other areas were hit with very bad hail storms and tornadoes.

I know you can’t do much to protect your cars and such from tornadoes but hail is another story. Knowing those people had to just sit there and watch mother nature destroy their cars and trucks and not being able to do anything to stop it had to be horrible. I was worried the storms would make it to where I live but luckily we didn’t get any of the hail.

After seeing how much damage the hail did I decided to try to do something to protect the cars and trucks I have. I ordered 18 x 20 foot carports for the house. I am having 5 of them delivered in total with the first one due anytime now. I will try to get some pics of them being built and definitely will take some pictures of them when they are done.

Four of them will be for the cars and trucks and I may add more for that later but that will give us 8 covered parking spots at least and will help a good bit. The last one will be assembled over my well pump. With the well pump in the rear corner of the carport that should leave me a ton of space to build a workshop out of that one.

I plan on enclosing the well pump covering carport into a shop with large doors I can bring a car in to work on it and also to park my 4 wheeler and lawn mower inside of. The entire time I have lived here (20 years or so) I have never had a shop. This will be sooooo nice to have. Just being able to get out of the weather for car work is nice enough but to have a place for a work bench with a vise on it will be icing on the cake.


Got a new riding buddy :)

My daughter and granddaughter bought me a cute gift to ride in the X5 with me.


For those that don’t know my forum avatar that I use is this :

So its a pretty good match I’d say 🙂 Now I just need to get a BMW roundel for him to hold like my avatar has !


Talk about feeling old….

Kind of dawned on me today I’m getting old or maybe its just the passage of time getting noticed finally.

My son moved to Indiana Friday. Then Saturday he drove all the way back to Alabama to get the big screen tv we gave him and some furniture. I guess the main thing is when your kid moves a few states away they are “really” moved out 🙂

When they are just a few miles away its not the same thing as they can show up anytime or you will see them often enough that its not really that much of a change.

My daughter has been married, divorced and has a daughter of her own. Having a granddaughter DEFINITELY makes you feel old….. But in a good way !