Bought another BMW X5…

I bought a 2013 BMW X5 E70 xdrive35i Turbo. It was supposed to be for my wife. Kind of a his and hers X5 thing.

Well it turned out it had a recall on the airbag with no replacement airbag available. The wife was not happy to say the least.

So we swapped and I gave her my 2005 X5 E53 3.0 so she is happy to have an X5 that doesn’t have a claymore for an airbag 🙂

I ended up with the 2013. I’ve owned enough BMW’s with airbag issues that it really doesn’t bother me that much. So far I like the 2013 well enough. It has taken some getting used to but its growing on me. Here’s what it looks like.

Crowz’s 2013 BMW X5

Seems were converting over almost exclusively to BMW’s these days. I’m shopping for a 2014 to 2016 BMW Z4 for the wife now. The reason for the narrow search range has to do with features she wants. It has to be a metal roof convertible so that narrowed it down a good bit. She also wants the electronics package as its called which has navigation and all the other bells and whistles. It has to have heated seats which also gets your a heated steering wheel which all of our BMW’s have now. I upgraded the ones that didn’t have it from the factory recently.

The plan was to order a new Z4 and do the European delivery of it. So we could have a cool vacation in Europe driving the car there and then they would ship it back to the states after we left. The problem is they don’t make the Z4 right now and the 2019 BMW Z4 is a ragtop so that’s a no go for us.

We still want to do a euro delivery one day so we may buy one more BMW of some kind after the Z4 just to do that.

That’s about it for now. Nothing much else going on.