Snow continued..

So what does snow look like in Alabama?

The above pic is from my front door. I think you can see where Molly went out to do her business.


We lost power on Friday night at about 10pm and didn’t get it back until Sunday night about 11pm. That was one loooong weekend considering we heat with electricity. Luckily we had the solar power setup I had installed and the gas generator. We managed to stay warm.

I will be increasing the size of my power system over the next few weeks to handle more loads better. As it was the heat pumps plus the other heaters put a load on the system pretty bad but it handled it.


Snow… and more snow !

We had snow. This in most parts of the world isn’t big news. But in Alabama its huge. Usually if we ever get snow its either flurries that don’t stick or maybe 2 inches tops and that’s considered heavy.

This time? A foot and a 1/2. That’s serious snow cover for here. Cars and trucks were getting stuck all over the place but my X5 handled it like it wasn’t even there. I didn’t even have the new tires at the point but the old Cooper CS3 tires did fine.

I now have my CS5’s on there and it drives even better now.

On the first outings down my driveway I was dealing with the normal drooped over frozen trees and it wasn’t any problem till I was almost at the end of the driveway. Each time I went through a tree’s branches it dumped snow on the windshield cutting visibility to zero. On the last tree something was different.

It turns out it wasn’t drooped across the driveway like all the others. It was a large pine tree that had fell over from the weight of the ice and snow. So it was pointed up the driveway like a spear. I drove right into it.

The tree nailed my windshield dead center and cracked it in a U shaped pattern.

This I the tree that nailed the windshield after the snow melted and after I went ballistic on it with the saw 🙂

I was coming from the other direction that morning and I think you can see what speared the X5.

Here is a shot of the windshield after the tree.

I think it held up pretty good all things considered. Just a huge semi U shaped break.

Also the X5 seems to handle hauling pretty good too space wise. This was actually 6 tires in all inside at the time. The 4 new CS5’s for the X5 and two new tires for my daughters 528i.

And last but not least before some snow pics. They call the mountain I live on lizard scrap mountain. I found out later why.

Check out my co-pilot that hitched a ride with me to town one morning.

He was wandering around back and forth on my hood that morning.

I think I’m going to continue this into another post to keep this from being so long so the next “snow” post will have snow pics 🙂


X5 Updates

Well I can say now that I have owned my X5 for a few months that I flat out love it. Fun to drive, reliable and handles my driveway with ease. I have even had it in a few spots the passenger front tire and the drivers rear tire were off the ground at the same time. With most vehicles that would be instant stuck city. The X5 paused for about 1 or 2 seconds deciding how to handle it and just went on like it was nothing. Love it.

I also joined a site called Xoutpost at

Great community there. If you have an x series bmw I highly recommend it. Get the premium account too. Its not but $30 a year I think and well worth it to support the site.