Moving in

Well I finally decided to update my ancient site. Seeing as its earlier sections date from around 1996 or so that’s pretty ancient by web standards 🙂

Since my site consists of hundreds of sections in all I figured wordpress might be an ideal method to keep up with it all. I used to use frontpage back in the day , which most love attacking as junk which in most ways it was but it had a unique navigation system.

No other web editor/backend product ever made could touch front pages ability to flowchart web pages. You can manage 1000’s of pages effortlessly since they displayed as a giant flowchart. Allowing instant page making at any point with perfect linkage. You could see where any page connected at any time instantly and there was zero chance of an orphaned page (not linked to another page).

Still haven’t found anything that even comes close to that in any other product and Ive been looking for one for over 15 years. But for simple site updates as I do car mod pages and such I think wordpress will fit the bill.